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How am I able to smooth this wire deform?

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Hi all,

Ive recently started looking in to using the wire capture and wire deform SOPs, all is going well however, when deforming on a simple bend i am having to compromise between mesh curvature and stretching Uvs. It seems that toggling between "Align Tangent only" and "Align Tangent with Att Normal" on the wire deform gives me these two different effects.

My question is, is there a way to achieve a deformation that effectively smooths out the aligned tangent? (i thought maybe setting my normals as tangent u and smoothing them would help but it has no effect.)

Aligned tangent only -


Aligned with Att Normal -


Thanks all!


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Download the game dev tools which they come with Houdini and use the path deform, there is not need for the wire deform in this case at all. 



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