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Scale texture / remove repetition

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I am pretty new to shaders/VOPs, but I want to scale this texture so I can  get rid of the sqaurey repetition. But when I scale it with the UV transform VOP, the (same) box pattern insists:


How can this be? Is there something different causing the box pattern?

Here is a hip, if you want to take a look: texturescale.hipnc (sorry texture is too big to upload)

Thanks in advance. :) 


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when i open your scene and hit render, i don't see what you show here. maybe post a bit more simplistic setup clearly demontrating the issue so it's easier to debug and see what's going on.

anyways, transform UV should do what you want - what it looks like (just by looking at the gif you posted), is that you're not using proper uv coordinates but a parametric per-primitive uv. that's why uv transform is happening in "squares" that are size of your grid polygons i presume.

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