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Deform Grid with attribute color

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Hi guy!

I little question about how to deform a grid with the attribute color...

Is a simple question, but i don't know how :O!


Thank so much!

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By attribute color, you mean a kind of vector displacement ?

If you want to do it in SOP context (not at render time), then using a simple Point Wrangle with the following VEX code should do the trick (provided your Cd attribute is a point attribute):

@P += @Cd ;

If you meant classic displacement of points (along normal - so you need to get normals prior to the Point Wrangle node) with intensity driven by Cd attribute then :

@P += @N * len(@Cd) ; 

Note that len(@Cd) could be replace by only one component of your color attribute (Cd.x for red etc.), or by luminance if you linearly combine each component with proper weights.

If you want to do it through texture, then put an Attribute from Map node prior to the above solutions.

Last but not least, you can displace at render time, but that’s another story.



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Thank you, for the fast reply!
This is working!!
But, can i have mush control's on the height, the displacement and  the angle of my color?

With the attribute transfer, i can do a treshold, but not more..

I will share my scene, but I wish to have more control...


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