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Smoke collision with fast moving self emitting object (car)

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Hi everybody,


I'm simulating smoke emitted by a fast moving car and I've encountered problems with collisions. The smoke just gets erased when the car rotates and doesn't make any evasive movement.


The collisions I tried were done by sourcing a collision and collisionvel field, but the behaviour isn't right.


I've also tried everything I've come across in the forum, but probably I've missed something:

  • Higher/Lower collisionvel.
  • PCG Projection
  • More Substeps (Up to 9)
  • Higher voxel density.
  • Correct Collisions on/off


Maybe I have to generate the air flow manually?


I'd be thankful of any help or ideas. :)


A preview and the files are attached if you want to take a look.



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I just used a collision source sop paired with static object dop and it seems to work fine. I didn't even add substeps or anything. You can see in this photo the smoke flows around the collision.



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Thank you, Evan for your fast reply.

To see the effect a little bit better, I've rotated the car to land on both front fenders. I think it still cut a lot of the density.

Actually my first approach was to keep the car in place and to build a wind around it. In that setup the smoke did actually flow around quite nicely. The major backdraw was that it didn't slow down and felt like wind tunnel.

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