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Hello everybody

I am trying to create a tool to paint zones in primitives.
I am relative new in houdini.

I need to paint zone index in mesh, I mean, I want to split my mesh in differents zones (zone 1, zone 2, zone 3, etc), and I would like to do it using a brush and paint directly on the mesh.

the problem I have is when I paint it, it interpolate the index values at the edges of my strokes, so it blends the values, and I don't want that.  If I paint the value 6, under a zone with values 0, I got primitives with values 5,4,3,2 and 1.

any idea how to solve it?

Thanks you




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I did not see your scene.

but the problem does not come from the attribute promote, my problem comes from avoid interpolation between values when I do strokes, the paint tools always interpolate values around the brush. I would paint with an specific values and no other ones in the edge.


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You paint on points, and then you promote these values to primitive. By doing so you used the "average" method : so for primitives on which there was intermediate values on the points, you still have an intermediate value on the prim.

By changing the promotion method to max or min, you retain only one value for your prim, and it gets rid of the intermediate values you had when painting on points. Of course, the accuracy is not perfect, but at least you have clean zone borders without intermediate values. Check the file and see it that's what you need.

Other option could be to play with a ramp or a fit function and "saturate" the zones after you paint...

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