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weird particle behaviour / attraction

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Hi guys! I have a problem that's been bothering me for a couple of days and I can't seem to wrap my head around to solve:


I have a grid, with scattered points. And I have 3 objects hovering above the grid. With a colour shift on the grid (attribute transfer with an animated ball for now), I "activate" the points in a pop network, and I start adding forces on them, choreographing them, until they reach a certain age and start to move to the 3 objects above, like an attraction (point count is the same in both inputs for simplicity - also I have colour grouped which particles belong to which object for visualisation purposes). So far so good. The problem is that in theory, each $id should correspond in each point on the objects above - but alas, they seem to shift groups! So, instead of clean motion / attraction on each of the objects after a specific time, I get more of a random mass of particles moving back and forth the objects until the end where they stick on the objects.

There sure is something wrong with my vex,  but I cannot understand what! It should be easy: green goes to green, blue to blue and red to red.. 

Attached are some images to help understand the problem.

the viewport describing the problem:


the pop hierarchy:


the wrangle to move the points to position after a certain amount of time in the "time_in_release":



If anybody has any idea as to why this is happening, please, feel free to share! I would be more than grateful to hear your thoughts!


Thank you so much for your time, 




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I'm not sure if i@id is valid, try @ptnum. The id can be recycled, if you have reaping enabled.

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Guys! I got it! Thank you both for taking the time to response - actually cleaning / minimising  the file to upload here as @tamagochy suggested, I got rid of all the old nodes, and eureka! The mess was caused by a sorting node I had in the hierarchy which I incorrectly assumed it was only evaluating at the start of the simulation, but it was constantly sorting the points..! So it was just stupid really of my part! :D I also changed everything to @ptnum as @Atom suggested and it works beautifully! Thank you again, you have been more than helpful! :) 


If anybody is still interested, or if anyone is looking for a way to pop attract points/particles to any objects, I can still upload the cleaned test file if you want - just ask! 


Once again, thanks to a wonderful and very helpful community - you guys rock! 


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