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Using attributes as parameter

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Hello peeps,

I'm trying to do something relatively simple and I think this was asked before but so far I couldn't find the right answer or the right video with that info, so far. Somewhat easy question.... I have a custom point attribute created with a value @Cd from an "attribute from map" node placed up in the stream and I want to use this custom attribute to control a parameter, in this case "scale.y" of a geo copied on points. I remember watching one of Jeff Wagner's class sometime ago where he talks about attributes, attribute transfer and using attribute as parameter and on the ladder, he calls a custom attribute on a parameter by typing the custom attribute name in the parameter field, something like "@customattrib > 0.3" or something similar to this.


Curiously, I remember thinking that that trick was neat because he didn't use the famous point() or detail() expressions in the parameter field to call the custom attribute inside the parameter. Very efficient way to use custom attributes...That said, does anyone knows the video where he talks about this or knows that correct syntax to call the custom attribute in the parameter field without using the point or detail expressions?

Any help is greatly appreciated. 

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That doesn't work everywhere. It works in `group` type parameters or the polyextrude node (if you set it up in the UI), for example. It doesn't work in many other parameters.

For consistency sake you're better sticking with the `point(...)` syntax or the Python equivalent. That will work in virtually all cases.

Oh, yes, you might be confusing it with the new PDG stuff that lets you do `@attribute` if you set it up in TOPs. That also works in most places.

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