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controlling random colors per bunch.

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Hi, I'm running into a little issue where I'm trying to randomize colors over bunches of lines. 

Basically what I'm doing is making a small bunch of lines, say 6 close to each other. Then I copy that bunch over a distance around 500 times. (See attached file) 
After I divide all the lines into 3 groups with group by expression and I assign a different color to each group. 

However this splits up All the lines created, what I want is to randomize by initial bunch so each bundle of 6 lines has a mix of the three colors. 

What happens now that I want to avoid is the possibility of 1 "Bunch" being 99% one color which can happen working with this many lines. Doing the group split before copying and transforming will give me the exact same randomization thus giving you a repeating pattern. 

How would I best go about this?  

Randomized bunching issue.hip

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Hi Thomas,

  • Use cylinder columns.
  • Give your copies a copynum attribute.
  • Within each bundle sort primitive numbers randomly.
  • Assign primitive colors by their new primitive number divided by the total number of primitives.
f@id = @primnum / float(@numprim -1);
v@Cd = chramp('color', f@id);

Three colors on six tubes each

Three colors on numberous tubes each

Four colors on numberous tubes each


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