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Fluid Particles Surfaces flickering

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Hi everyone.

I'm tried to Melt a statue following this tutorial *, but, I don't know for what reason when calculating cache the surface geometry makes flickering in all parts of the model, even in parts where the points don't move.



My intention is to create a VAT to sending to Unreal Engine 4, but when I import the model and texture, the result is equal, flickering on geometry ... any idea for why can this happen? 

These are my parameter in "flipfluidobject":



Best regards and thank you so much. :)


* Tutorial: 


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On flipsolver you have reseed tab, there you have temporary particle count on each voxel. That one helps you with getting mesh smoother, especially with high viscousity fluids.. If you pump up Particle per voxel parameter, it should solve your issue. Enjoy! :)

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