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UE4 - Creating points to spawn static blueprints? How to turn off instancing?

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Hello everyone!

I am working on a project where I create points in Houdini to spawn blueprints in Unreal Engine 4.
This works fine so far. But now I got a couple of blueprints that contain static meshes.

When loading my HDA in UE4 i get error messages like:
PIE: Warning: AttachTo: '/Game/_GameAssets/Maps/NeutralLighting/Neutral_Lighting_Scene_01.Neutral_Lighting_Scene_01:PersistentLevel.ext_map_generator_3.HoudiniInstancedActorComponent_44' is not static , cannot attach '/Game/_GameAssets/Maps/NeutralLighting/Neutral_Lighting_Scene_01.Neutral_Lighting_Scene_01:PersistentLevel.Wall_Lamp_258.DefaultSceneRoot' which is static to it. Aborting.

I made a OBJ-level HDA for the generator.
Create geometry in one Geometry node, spawnpoints for instanced blueprints in a separate one and spawnpoints for static blueprints in a separate one as well.
So: 3 geometry node to keep everything separated.

I also added a detail attribute "unreal_split_instances" to the static BP points, but this doesn't work.
So how can I spawn blueprints that are static along with instanced ones?

Thanks for you help in advance!


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