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Turning on viscosity breaks my distributed flip simulation

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Build: 17.5.360
I have a small hqueue farm working fine for renders and distributed sims. I'm currently trying to achieve a flip tank sim (flat tank) w/colliders effect. Sims solve perfectly locally, but when distributed on hqueue across 4 machines with viscosity checked on, they solve strangely. The main issue is that turning on viscosity causes my flip tank particles to explode like there's something wrong with pressure solve. I've checked on and off a bunch of things in the flip solver, flip object, sops set up, etc and it's definitely the viscosity - everything works fine when viscosity is turned off. I attached a super simple stripped down version of my scene with none of the settings changed. Another occasional issue (depending on which options I had checked when I was troubleshooting) is that one of the slices (0, the first) won't solve properly and will fall to the ground plane but the others attempt to solve properly. Note: right now I'm not losing one of my slices like in the picture, but the flip sim goes crazy like there's a strong turbulence force in there or something. Check viscosity off, all goes back to normal. 
Does anyone have experience with this problem? Any help is appreciated. Thanks to anyone who takes a shot at this :)


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