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Can't set keyframe on position (for path)

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For some reason i can't set a keyframe on the position and roll parameter to animate an camera along a path.

I works for other param, like transform etc.

It has been a persistent issue for a couple of version for me.

The issue happens on any object container.

Any help would be really appreciated as i am on a tight deadline



I added a carve node on the path and animated that instead of the position parameter on the geo.

well it works.....


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This proven useful, thank you for the trick. I don't know how to use the new Constraints method in H16+ so keyframes on that Position parameter sounded easier... oh well, look like I have something to learn again

(wait a min, couldn't you simply animate the circle rotation instead ? haha ^^ )
(ah but that's for a turntable, as I'm using a circle as a path path for my camera, sorry - that guy won't even see my answer anyway, the thread is old but I guess this could be useful if someone is googling about that)

Edit #3: So the new Constraint method is not that hard at all. My mistake was that I was adding a Look At constraint instead of Follow Path.
So in short, for a turntable camera : Enable constraint, right-click  the green constraint icon then add 'Follow path', the rest is pretty straightforward; the animation will be setup automatically :)

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