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Merging 2 UV sets to 1

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Hey all, 

I have a question regarding merging UV sets.

I have an initial object imported into Houdini that was created in Maya and finally exported from Unity with a single UV set. The object was animated by one of our designers in Unity, exported to Houdini to be fractured and RBD simulated. The problem I am running into is  during the UV portion of the process. When I UV the inside faces I end up with an additional UV set. 

Is there a recommend workflow to merge UV sets or not create the second UV set altogether? The UV nodes I am using after the material fracture are uvunwrap, uvtransform and finally uvlayout. I am only applying these to the inside group from the material fracture.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Never mind, problem solved, I hadn't realized there was a lightmap UV set.

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