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Cellular structures in fire

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Hello all,

I'm working on a fire shot and am looking to get a cellular effect like many actual fires:


The results I get from the Pyro solver are more like regular smoke / fluid behavior, ie very streaky and a bit blurry.

It seems like the old DSD solver was intended to generate exactly these structures, but I can't get it to work without any example files and would also rather get a similar result in Pyro.
(Paper the DSD solver was based on, apparently: http://physbam.stanford.edu/~fedkiw/papers/stanford2007-02.pdf)

Is this just a matter of tweaking Shredding and Gas Release to do the right thing?
Or increasing the resolution to a very high level?


Thank you!




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I've never seen that solver before, I can't even get the node to show up with opunhide haha

A lot of that kind of texture can be achieved with the settings in the pyro solver.

I found this video really helpful https://youtu.be/fTIeGob0Wuo?t=1071

The video is a little old so I do believe the solver and shader have been updated since then but the parameters on the new nodes are far more intuitive and the things taught in this video translate pretty easily to the new shader and pyro solver. 

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I think there used to be a masterclass that discussed the DSD nodes, but it was since taken down.  Here are the notes from that masterclass:


(Edit: not saying that is required for whatever look in fire, I just like Houdini archaeology)

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opunhide Dop gasdsd to use the old solver.


<------ You can get that look in Pyro with the right settings and shading. ;)


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