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Pose Library Captures Wrong Data

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Hello everyone,


(This is copied from my post at Sidefx's Forum: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/69881/)

I have created a rig (and character). I'm trying to use the Pose Library to save my walk-cylce and other animations.

Sadly the captured data is all wrong. Parameters like the FK/IK Sliders in my HDA get captured wrong. Several Sliders that don't have any values for some reason get all assignes values.
I feel like it tries to capture more than the parameters of my HDA.

I have already tried the different capture settings from the Pose Library. It only works when I bake the keyframes, but that would be problematic to work with.

I'm on Windows 10 with Version 17.5.391

I sometimes get these Warnings in the Console:

Qt Warn: QSortFilterProxyModel: invalid inserted rows reported by source model
Qt Warn: QWindowsContext::windowsProc: No Qt Window found for event 0x1c (WM_ACTIVATEAPP), hwnd=0x0x70070.
Qt Warn: QWindowsContext::windowsProc: No Qt Window found for event 0x1c (WM_ACTIVATEAPP), hwnd=0x0x3100be.

I attached a file with the animated bones. Thank you all very much!
(Since this is my first rig in Houdini, I also appreciate every other improvement you might want to add)


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