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HDA to Maya and packed primitives.

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I am trying to make a tree generator. On disk there are several clusters of leaves saved out. These clusters are packed primitives. I have generated a bunch of points. I distribute these packed primitives. I add motion for wind. It all works well. I generate leaves that total up to about 8 million polys. But with packed primitives it actually runs at about 4 frames a second. Very impressive.

So I made the HDA with a bunch of settings and sliders. Sent that to Maya. O that is SOOO slow.

I dont know much about this prosess.on the Maya side. If I where to take a guess. I think what is happening is that, what the Houdini engine generates needs to be "converted" into something Maya understands in order to display it. Maybe?


If anyone knows what is happening and could point me to something that might solve it. Of if there is something that maya prefers more then I can tweak my setup to give maya that.

If only Houdini was cheaper. Then this problem would not be a problem. Then again. I guess there is a reason Maya is so cheap.



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