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Interface locking up regularly

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Hey all. New user and I'm running H17.5 on a PC, but use a Mac keyboard.  I am having regular problems where text entry gets locked out across the whole interface, and I cannot enter anything in any fields. Typically the mouse/tablet still work.  However now also getting a more general freezing of the interface where the mouse/tablet won't work either.  The only things I can do are minimize and close the app window from the Windows buttons at the top of the app window. This generates the save/discard dialog box from Houdini, but I'm unable to click or enter on any options, so I just have to kill Houdini from the task manager and lose my work.

I can't find a lot on this type of problem, but did run into the intercept mode thing (unsure what that is at this stage) but my keyboard does not have a scroll lock button so that doesn't seem to be the issue.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!



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