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Objilla - Advanced obj and mtl importer for Houdini™

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Hi, I created a little obj and mtl importer for Houdini, Objilla. It creates materials, assigns colors, textures, transparency and does some other cool stuff. Check it out on Gumroad, thanks ! https://gumroad.com/l/YLJkR



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And I tossed you a fiver for the pleasure of checking it out.  Quite useful, but could this be just the start?  There's a lot more that could be added.


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Hi AtomicNixon,

Thanks for contacting me. I am happy that you find Objilla useful.

When you visit the gumroad page there are two more videos that showcase how to install and how to use the product.



I hope that my pronunciation-grammar in the videos makes sense, I am not too fluent in English, let me know if you encounter any problems or if you have any questions. 

Perhaps you would like to suggest some of the features that you would find useful in the next update here in the forum?

Or, if you prefer to address me privately, you can use my email ippobour@gmail.com.


Kind regards,


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