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Thin Sheet Fluid

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Hey everyone, so after my very long thread (https://forums.odforce.net/topic/44053-implement-kernel-maths-in-vex/) I finally found a solution. 

The setup works great at 0.05 res, you might have to dive inside the solver and change some parameters to get it work at other resolutions (especially to get the droplets).

Here are some test :


Emission threshold at 60 (depending on the situation, there might be some abusive expansion, like at the end on the rubber toy, but this seems impossible to fix when you want a full thin sheet)

Stretch threshold at 0.75 / Surface Tension 0.5


Emission threshold at 15 / Stretch threshold at 1.25 / Surface Tension 1


Houdini default Flip with Surface Tension at 1 


Crown test with 50 Emission threshold (problem with infinite expansion with liquid dropping from the collider)


If someone has suggestion to improve it, feel free to tell me :)

I'm still working on fixing the infinite expansion issue, but the emission threshold is doing great until 20-30 depending on the situation






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