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Anyone using .sim files?

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I figure maybe I'm missing out on a great feature since up till now I rarely resort to using .sim files when caching out simulations.

Instead mostly use .bgeo.sc and .vdb for vdb files.


Does anyone else regularly use .sim files for caching? If so, could you describe your caching workflow in some detail?

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The .sim files are written out on the cache tab of the dopnet. Enable Save Checkpoints and specify your checkpoint location with $SF instead of $FF as the incrementer. We use $SF to stand for simulation frame. This will correspond with whatever the first frame of your simulation is, so be aware of that. Then change the checkpoint trail length to the length of the sim, so that the entire sim is accounted for. Next,  make sure the checkpoint interval is set to 1, so that you get every frame taken care of. Now, when you play the simulation, you will automatically write out .sim files. Just be aware that if you suspend the simulation on a partial frame, your simulation will break. In that case you need to delete the last incomplete frame, ctrl+click the little brain icon, and your cache will re-set to the last complete frame.

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