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Infection system with growing geometry

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Hi, magicians!

I already broke my mind trying to solve a simple problem) I created a point infection system and for every point I copy the geometry so I want geometry to grow from every new point. It seems that I need to associate the pscale attribute with the time attribute, but the pscale grows constantly in time which is logical. In addition, all new points grow from the existing @Time value associated with the @pscale. So how can I make growing @pscale in every new point from zero and stop after few frame/time with little random pscale?

Or I think it’s wrong and I need to change the approach. Maybe try to animate the uniformscale in the geometry itself through some expression?


I would be grateful for any advice


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You need to define an "age" that would be equivalent to the current frame, minus the frame at which the current point was first activated by the infection system. You could store that frame in your solver, then compute the difference afterwards and use that value to map to @pscale.

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