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External Text or Python File Set HDA Parameters

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Hi everyone,

Does anybody know how I can set an HDA's parameters with an external Text or Python File?

For example how would I change the sizex and sizey parameters of a Grid SOP in the HDA.


Thank you, I appreciate any help!
- Von Doom



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Short answer: yes.
Long answer: There are 2 ways you could do it. depending on what you want to do.

1) Use an external python script to open Houdini in the background, place a HDA and set parms. (required the loading of the Hou library into your python script)

2) normally use Houdini and use a python node/python shell.

In both cases you would 

  1. Load and read text file
  2. (if running Houdini in background create HDA)
  3. Store Node refrence to placed HDA 
  4. Set parameters based on read data.


Main class to have a look at is hou.Parm




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