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error in /physarum-slime-mold

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it seem in H16 the * syntax in the group sop, not work, or don't work the same. just remove it (this will select all the points).
This way the file sort of work.

The second problem seem to be the Volume rasterize particle sop. it's not the same in H17+
I'm attaching a capture so you can see

and the "semi-working" file :)



physarum_2d_01Error b.hipnc

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I do the entagma tutorial and I can see why the H16 version was "approximative", like blurry.
This time, the set-up is very close to the H17 version.
In fact this set-up is very sensitve and for some parameters the range for tweaking is very thin.
Tweaking just a bit I get some free spermatozoons.
Very biological set-up :lol:

physarum_2d_01 H16.hipnc

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