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What can I do with SideFX Web API?

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Hi everyone,

I was interested in creating a web service that would be capable of creating 3D geometries, and while reading Houdini docs I discovered about SideFX Web API. Unfortunately, it doesn't say much about what you can actually do with it and there's just one basic example, but in the Constructing API Requests section it says I can pass to the request:



A string containing the name of the API function you want to call, in the form module_name.function_name.


Does it refer to the HOM API? Meaning I can pass something like 


Or I'm completely wrong? If so, what can I do with this Web API?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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unfortunately this is an infrastructure allowing (typically large) studios to download and license Houdini programmatically via https. It has nothing to do with Houdini itself nor creating geometry.

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