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[SOLVED]Group name to string

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How could I convert primitive group name to a string attribute?

I have few groups - group _01/02/03/.... and I just want to get numbers to use them as integers in vex, just to apply random color.

int group_number = opdigits(@name);

@Cd = set(rand(group_number), rand(group_number*1502), rand(group_number/1560));

Doing it with the name SOP, but what is the way of doing that in vex?

Thank you



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20 hours ago, anim said:

some info about this can be found here


Thanks a lot.

this is what I used at the end.

string primgrps[] = detailintrinsic(0, "primitivegroups");
s[]@primingrps = {};

foreach(string grp;primgrps){
    if (inprimgroup(0, grp, @primnum)) append(s[]@primingrps, grp);

int group_number = opdigits(s@primingrps[0]);
@Cd = set(rand(group_number), rand(group_number*1502), rand(group_number/1560));

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