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My custom is to always define a project whenever I create a new .hip and to use the $JOB parameter for defining all paths.

Have been wondering if I'm simply creating unnecessary work though and should stick with $HIP instead and keep all my paths relative to $HIP.

For one thing its necessary to redefine your $JOB(ie re set your project) whenever you open your .hip on a different computer.


Are there any advantages I am not aware of in using $JOB over $HIP or is it simply a matter of preference?

Stick with $HIP, or use $JOB?



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At work we use almost exclusively $JOB. I think it depends on you work environment. If you work in a studio with shared model or texture libs for many projects $JOB is better for this paths. Also if you submit jobs/hip files to the render farm you will get erros with $HIP cause the file location changes. If you save all your assets and files in your project and render mostly local $HIP may be fine. 

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