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Help with ice fracturing

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Hello I'm trying to create ice breaking effect. 

Here is the reference:

And after few attempts this is where i got so far but it doesn't really look organic as needed. 

Pw: ice


Any suggestions how to make it look more organic and closer to the reference?


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You can try to use use RBD fracture material, which is pretty good. You should set it to "glass" to get this kind of spiderweb breaking. I was also used to scatter some points and copy on them some tubes+grids to create this kind of pattern with the boolean sop.

Once you get the main fracture, you can get in the shader the effect of aeration near the cracks by using the distance to the inside group points and using it to change some parameters like roughness/refraction or diffuse

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Here is a quick setup to point you in the right direction.  A little Ben Watts propagation methods mixed with some Entagma's Voronoi love. :D

Of course you can redo this with much better shapes, etc.

Read into using Shortest Path too.



crack (1).gif


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