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Lighting & rendering Volumes [redshift]

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Anyone expereinced with lighting and rendering volumes able to offer some pointers? Have a single area light overhead lighting a smoke volume with a simple RSVolume material. Not getting any definition in my smoke.
Compare my SceneView on the right below to the render on the left. Is the problem with my lighting or the material or my actual volume?

The smoke volume is a narrow box defined by the Smoke object size> .04 wide X 1.5 high by 4 units long. Just trying to get the same detail I see in Scene View.



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For volumes, usually you need to adjust the RS_Volume shader settings to work with the incoming volume.  There are obviously a lot that can vary between volume setups, but to get started, the main ones would be the Scatter Coefficient and the Absorption Coefficient.  With Big Hammer being the Shadow Density Scale in the Advanced tab.

It looks like you're already getting some shading in your render, so hopefully tweaking these parameters will help.

If you want to send along a hip file and a single-frame cache (vdb) I could look further.


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It's look like you have emission active in rsVolume Shader but  Volume contribution scale to 0 on the rsLight.

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