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Vellum-popnet issue

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Hi houdini nation!

Can I have any advice? Im trying to make animation of 5 testing geometries which are coliding between them selves. The position and rotation is defined by popnet, but when I connect it with vellumcloth, it doesnt use any animation data, even if  I set Match animation in vellumCloth node. Can u help me pleas fix this issue?


Thank u so much for any advices.



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Hi Michal,

I put an "*" in the Pin Points parameter to include all the points and set Pin Type to Soft. The pigs now follow the animation and interact with each other.


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Hello Sean"

Thank You for your response, it works! And let me with U mery Xmass and Happy new Year!

But there is still problem with deforming of these testing geo's durring animation. And I dont know how to fix it. I already tried to slow down particles, and increased substep (in velum solver) but it still looks like randomly displaced mesh. Can u help me one more time?

Thank You very much, for any responses or advices!


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