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[RBD] Glue constraint on constantly spawning geometry over time

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Hello folks,

I'm working on an RBD simulation that needs constantly spawning packed geometry over time. Simply add $F in the creation frame to create a specific object every frame.


The spawning overtime setup has no problem at all. By simply add a connectivity sop and delete sop. 


But then the problem came while creating a constraint so each piece generated per frame can have their own glue. I've tried to force "overwrite with SOP" to load constraint every frame but no good result and go crazy. 



Any way to solve this particular situation to generate proper glue constraint to make it works? any tips?

Here's the file.



Thanks a lot!

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I'm stuck at the same point as well, in my case, emitting rbd packed objects fractured with a voronoi, glue won't work :(

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So if I understand this right, you spawn for example, piece01 on Frame 1, then you spawn piece2 on Frame 2 or any other piece. You want to connect the 2 pieces together with a glue constraints as soon as it gets spawned into the simulation?

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