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Rocket Launch Sparse Pyro

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First post here and still pretty new to Houdini having only worked with SOPs before :)

Am trying to make a rocket launch sequence using the new Sparse Fireblast Pyro tool in H18. Kind of like the one they just showed off: sparse_pyro.jpg

I've tried to get as far as I can scouring through the internet, but have hit a wall. I have a couple questions and would love some general critique if anything else can be improved.

1. Is the Fireball tool even the right one to use for an effect like this? 

2. How can I make my pyro emitter last longer? So the fire and smoke continues to blast out as it lifts off and it doesn't just end after 20 odd frames?

3. Is there a special way to light the smoke from the flames?

4. How does the smoke rise to the sides like that? Mine just blows out horizontally and dissipates.


Thanks for any help you can give.


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