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Offseting a stamped smoke cache on points (for-each)

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Hi all,

I've been looking around for a solution to a problem I'm facing. Would it be possible to have a smoke cache which you read in from disk and stamp it on to around 10 points using the "new" for-each method instead of stamp copy. Each of the points which I am using as a destination geometry has a StartFrame attribute assigned which would define when the cache starts playing and when it is stamped on to the point.

I think I'm missing a Timeshift somewhere in my network but I'm not really aware where to use it. My current take on this is using a switch node with a null as a second input and switching based on a point expression looking for the StartFrame attribute and comparing it to the current frame, once the current Frame is bigger than the attribute it switches to the first input and copies the cache onto the point. The problem is that the cache isn't offset anywhere, so it just plays whatever frame is being read from the disk for all the points even thought it's copied onto the point at random times.

I've only found solutions to this problem using the copystamp which isn't really efficient nowadays.


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Thanks for the quick reply, seems like I the idea I had with the timeshift was quite close, I was just missing that handy detail expression you added inside the point() in the Timeshift sop. Thanks again for your help, works great!

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