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Vellum cloth scatter issues

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Hi folks,

I'm new to Houdini so still very much learning the ropes.

I have a basic vellum setup and am scattering points onto the resulting vellum object(s). I've managed to achieve this using the attribute interpolate method and as a whole it looks ok except for:

1. There is some jittering with points being added/removed, mostly as the cloth 'jiggles' before coming to rest.

1. The point number keeps changing even though the position remains static until the object is at rest. This means I cannot reference @ptnum for example as it is constantly changing (it took me a while to figure this out but I was setting a random pscale using @ptnum and the scattered objects changed scale each frame)


I'd appreciate if anyone could point out what I am doing wrong or how this can be resolved. 




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It's your scatter.  Just add a frozen Timeshift after it.  :D


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Thanks HowardM,

That solution works if I am generating a single cloth object.

However if multiple objects over time only the first instance gets scattered points. If you change Vellum Source to continuous you can see this occurs.

Can this solution be used for multiple objects or is a workaround required? I don't know yet how to process multiple objects from a DOP sim - would this be a case where loops are required?

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Hah, well why didn't you say that in the 1st place? ;)

The main problem is scatter messing up point counts.  

Here are 2 versions in this scene.  Your way tweaked a little, and a copy points version.  Switch the switch to 1 and reveal your instances to see your version tweaked.  Copy points is another way that may allow more control with packed geo.


Maybe someone will chime in with a completely better way to instance geo, POST sim, as its not good practice to rebuild every frame like this. 




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