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Moving Liquid in Glass

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Have a bit of a challenging (for me at least) lighting and rendering challenge.

My glass is in the shape of an inverted pyramid that is partially filled with liquid.

The glass will be rotating back and forth to move the liquid inside.


Would appreciate feedback!


I know that my meshed liquid should slightly overlap the glass "walls'.

Also I am assuming my fluid meshing is wrong in that the sides should be perfectly smooth, not rough as they appear in the attached.

I am using a single HDR dome light.

What are some other rendering and lighting tips when doing liquid in glass?






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When rendering liquids in a container, the shape is crucial.
If it's not too heavy you should make a boolean to make the corners of your liquid hard (For now ther  are too soft), and make liquid overlaping the glass.
But you can also do this with shader using nested dielectric. Check this page of the doc about nested dielectric : https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/render/nested.html
This work in most of the renderers now.
You could also place, behind the pyramide, a luminescent plane visible only by refraction.

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