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Gas Match Field and Gas Equalize Volume DOPs

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Hello fellow magicians,

I'm trying to better understand gasequalizevolume DOP inside FLIP Fluids and so far I haven't found anything usefull outside of the Houdini documentation and example files. So I tried to create a simple example file to test it out.
So far, I can't seem to create one of the necessary fields for gasequalizevolume to properly work, the goal field. I used a gasmatchfield DOP and imported a pre-created fog vdb with the name goal, and nothing happened. To debug I setup a multifieldvisualization DOP and set the density field to goal, but it doesn't display anything...

If some one could have a look at the file and point what I'm doing wrong...
Also, if you any information or tutorials on this subject I'd be very gratefull!

Thank you



EDIT: The Gasequalizevolume was wired in the wrong input. It needs to be wired into the volume velocity. Still can't get the gasmatchfield to work though...

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OP probably has found the solution already, for anyone who has the same problem; 

Instead of using a gas match field, use a source volume from sop and use goal_volume as the target field. The gas equalize volume uses the goal_volume field to match. 
Be advised for some reason i had to turn on "two dimensional" in the gas equalize volume node.

I am using houdini 17.5 

hope this helps !


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