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Collision VDB creation with animated geometry

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Question about proper way to animate your geometry when using for collision.

If you animate some geometry and then use an Object Merge to bring this geometry inside another geo where you create your collisions (using either Collision SOP or VDB From Polygons)

,does this mean in essence you are recreating your collision VDBs on every frame?


AFAIK the important thing is that your collision VDBs contain correct velocity values.


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Hi there,

If you are using static object WITHOUT proxy volume, the solver will create sdf every frame if your object is animated or deformed.

But if you create the sdf outside of the dopnet, the dop will just read in whatever sdf from sop level and calculate it i.e. gasenforceboundary microsolver, or using proxy volumes in static object.

You can cache out your collision sdf so the dop will just read in the disk file.

Also here is some information about collision from sidefx:


Hope this would help.

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