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particle position by VOP Mix

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i want to move particles, from start position to goal position.


in POP_Net, the vop network "goto" is built with "Mix" operator, and "bias" is specify by parameter animation.
animation 24f=0, 72f=1.0, thus 2 seconds animation.
i want that moving slowly at around 24f, reach max speed in middle, slow down in end position at around 72f.
but the particles reach around 48f, not follow animation curve that i created.
this is same in ramp curve.

how controlling particle speed by mix animation curve?

(the best is ramp curve.)




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Your problem is that you're trying to use a dynamic network when you don't have to. Because your mixing positions in a pop network, you're getting feedback every iteration, making results that you are not expecting. You really don't need a particle system at all to achieve your goal (see what I did there ;-). 

Check out this modified file for a solution using just a point vop.


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thanks KarlRichter, sorry too my late.

in simply case,   your way is very good.

but my project is more complex scene by particle, and needs flexible motion.


Maybe this is the way to go.
Calculate the value of the animation curve for each frame. (AF)
Add that value by the number of frames. (SumA)
Calculate the length of the first and last positions. (SumB)
Divide sumB by sumA. (C)
The distance to go for each frame is C * aF

I will try a little more.



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