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VRAY - instancing and timeoffsets

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Hello there,

So I'm back on a V-ray project, and I have to scatter a few impact-like VDBs. I was thinking of going the traditionnal way, getting the point cloud, adding instancepath / instancefile, with a made up string including the much needed offset. Classic, right ?

My issue is that I just can't get it to work with vray. It just renders nothing with no relevant info in the log - except "render's done".

I tried with VDB files. I tried with vrscene files, tweaking the anim_start primintrinsic. I tried with copystamp and timeshift. I even tried by linking a geo diretly into the relevant instance field.
Best I could get to render was instancing the same frame on all points. Instancepath and/or timeoffset look dead in the water.

With no access to their own forums, I'm forced to come here to ask :

How the heck are we supposed to instance from disk files or create a cloud of timeoffseted instances with Vray ?

And all of this despite the V-ray beta 1 release notes stating this :




Instancing Types

  • Instancing through Instance node 
  • Light Instancing through Instance node 
  • Instancing through instancepath attribute 
  • Light Instancing through instancepath attribute 
  • Instancing of volumetrics supported

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