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Crowd Transitions not random

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I have 3 animation clips for my crowd and I've built transition graphs for each of them to each other:

1 -> 2

1 -> 3

2 -> 1

2 -> 3

3 -> 1

3 -> 2

Then I merged all of these graphs into one merge node and sourced it into my crowd object's transition graph.

All states are created in the dop net.

I've built out all the transitions in my dopnet and the crowd trigger is set to Time > Frames > Playback Time : 1 > Random Offset : 10.

Everything's plugged in correctly into the crowd solver, and with these settings I assume that when I hit play my crowd agents will randomly go between their initial state and another random state.

But the actual result is them going between clip 1 -> 2 and then begin to loop.


I can prep a hip file tomorrow when I get home from work, but in the mean time if anyone has any idea why the result is not as I expected ( agents adopt random animation clips ), please let me know!


Brush everyday!

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