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Multi-Shader RBD sim, diffuse to Cd

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I'm wondering if anyone could help with some suggestions here. I was scanning through the forums and not really finding what I'm looking for - and perhaps I'm approaching this in the wrong way.

I have an RBD sim with dissolving parts. The RBD naturally contains multiple objects with a handful different shaders and diffuse maps attached to them.
As the pieces dissolve, I need particles to be emitted, but I'd like the particles to pick up the diffuse map color so they somewhat match the look and color of the rendered pieces. No need for super accuracy, just something close.


If it was one object, I could bake the texture and/or use Attribute from Map, but since there's multiple materials here, I am not quite sure how to approach it.
Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

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just a random thing that popped into my mind:

storing the sourceprim a particle was emitted from, using that with primuv() to lookup the shop_materialpath attribute to get the shader assinged to that sourcprim and from there get the texturepath (not figured out that part)

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Thanks, and sorry for the late reply. Been away for some holidays travels.

I thought about the same thing, and I also got stuck at the same point, haha. Not quite sure how to get the material diffuse map through VEX, from having the shop_materialpath. Perhaps need a Python snippet for that.

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