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mplay needs access to internet to work

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It's not the first time, but when the firewall catches mplay sneaking out to internet, it asks me whether I let it out or not. mplay being mplay, in mind should not need internet, a player. But it then refuses to work.I go to the firewall, let it out. and it works. Any idea if SideFx is doing "something" with mplay? I mean there is a separate choice in the launch screen to send anonymous data or not. Or does it need some update? (it's a daily build, fresh?!).

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Mplay opens a port to communicate with mantra on loopback network, doesn't reach for internet.  It might also check with license server if you have any Houdini product (including free one) on the machine (albeit it won't consume any license).  You are fine. 

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