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Hi !

I want to create a gas giant on Houdini. How would you go about creating this effect (i'm a beginner ):

-I tried using a particle simulation but it was not looking good

-Maybe i could do a smoke simulation

-flip simulation ?

Thanks for your help !

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I just rendered this frame. This is a simulation of two fluids on a grid. I want to do a fluid simulation similar to the rayleigh instability on a sphere.

I would like to know how to create a fluid simulation on a sphere. I want my particles to stick to the surface an interact together.

Thanks again ;)



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I don't think we can make a 2d Flip sim on a sphere.
The next depend on what you want to achieve.
If it's really render a gas giant for an animation, Simply render some 2D Flip sim, composite and apply it as a texture will do the job IMO.
If it's a Flip fluid exercise, well you must try to reproduce the step we see in the movie.
- Make some particle with some noise sliding on a sphere
- Make a smoke sim advected by these particle
- and probably (but not sure) constraint smoke into the sphere. tutorial here. or this one from entagma here.

but what I see is not really a beginner project, and seems a bit heavy simulation.

For the particle sliding you can find some sample on the essential must-see Mestela cgwiki here (if you didn't kwow it, bookmark it immediately :) )
Search for : POP minpos.

For the smoke advected by particle, on the same page, search for :
but you can find many tutorial on this topics.

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Thanks for the advice. I will try to do a 2d simulation and use it as a texture ;)

I already did a flip simulation on the sphere using the scatter node to place particles on my sphere. The result is not really good, the flow of fluid is unstable at the end of the simulation. I have uploaded a video if you guys want to see how it looks + the nodes.



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Ah you start from an existing texture.
The Result is not so bad. Visualy that do the trick.
When you say "flow of fluid is unstable" , I'm guessing it's because of the surface warping and loose it's perfect sphere shape.
if yes, have you try to make a collider sphere to maintain the shape.


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