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how to paint points direction while sliding on surface

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I'm looking into some techniques to move points along a surface where I define (paint maybe) the direction they should follow. any idea on how to do that? I was thinking on painting in some way some curve guides and then transfer the direction of the curve to the surface, and then maybe sample the closest point on surface to get the velocity I should apply to the points...but I'm not sure that would be the smarter idea...I was trying to stay away from uvs to get complete control over the sim without having to go back to uv layout...



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Hi Nicola,

@moedeldiho from Entagma recently published a tutorial about moving points along gradients: https://entagma.com/obstacle-avoidance-flow-fields/

I quickly turned it into a 3D variant, although I am pretty sure this could also be done within volumes or POPs.




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Hey Konstantin

thanks for your reply, just saw it today coming back from xmas holiday. I tried to open your hip but I get an error of probably an hda missing or something in the distancealonggeometry1 node


This node is using an incomplete asset definition. It will not
function properly until the asset library containing the full
definition is installed. 

but maybe is beacuse I opened it with an older version of houdini (16.5)

I was looking at the entagma tutorial, very interesting!

I was also looking into the comb sop, so basically I think I can groom vectors with it, and the use those vectors to move the points! this way I have the artistic control I need

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