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Is Karma useful for Archviz, in its beta stage?

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Has anyone used Karma render for exterior renderings? I was thinking to buy or not to buy redshift license.

Are this two render tools compareble?

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i was wrong

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 no, it's more technology preview than a beta. too features a missing or will change. in the current state, Karma is 5 times slower then Arnold or Renderman on CPU.
for ArchViz:  Vray and Corona are the main players.  if need Caustics you use specialized ArchVix renderer like Indigo render or Thea render, they have GPU engines plus super fast engine with caustics. Indigo render with its CPU bi-directional MTL tracing beats any CPU or GPU renderer in terms of caustics.

if wanna stick to Houdini Octane is a great option, its easy and with spectral rendering (like indigo) it's to set up physical correct material for ArchViz.
the new Renderman is a badass swiss army knife. it has bi-directional path tracing, path guiding, and minfold sampling for caustics, which fits well for ArchViz, (indoor and outdoor) and it has the best interactive Houdini plug-in by far.

--> best fit for ArchBVuz rendering: Renderman, Indigo renderer or Corona.

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