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Exclude certain points from PolyPath?

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I saw on a forum post that if I want to merge a two points and have them be one primitive, I could use the PolyPath node for that, because the Fuse SOP doesn't do that. So that works now and I am very happy with that.

But now I want to exclude certain points from the PolyPath. I have put those points in a group, but the PolyPath doesn't have a group field.

Is there a way to still exclude a group of points? Or is there another SOP I could use for this?
See the scene if you want to see a quick example of the problem. I want only 'child prims' that have the same parent prim to be reconnected to one prim again.

Hope it's possible :) Thanks!




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since polypath is just an HDA you can easily modify it to allow to specify such group, if you look inside, it's just an addition of the green groupcombine node


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