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RBD concave thin wall collisions not detected


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9 hours ago, woodenduck said:

Glad you got it working, and of course whatever gets the job done is great. However, I would encourage you to investigate using convex hulls for all collisions. You will see vast improvements in speed and stability. They can be a little trickier to set up, but the rewards more than worth it. 

I am having another little issue and I remember that the only other time I shattered something in houdini, i stumbled into the same thing.

I exported an alembic, but upon rendering it seems that  normals are jittery on some of the pieces.ld 

Should I maybe lay down a facet instead of normal, cusp and post compute normals? Might that help?



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1 hour ago, woodenduck said:

So you cached the abc then you read it back in to render? Is the geometry packed? Do you have the same problem if you unpack followed by normal sop?

hey joe!

i unpacked the geo, cleaned up attributes (left P N uv), laid a normal sop and exported an alembic. 

I am rendering in Cinema4d with octane and it seems that the normals are freaking out in most places coinciding with the fractured edges. 

i had this before as i said and i was not able to solve it :)

my problem looks a little like this


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