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Vellum simulation issue...

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In a simple "vellum cloth" sim, I attached the cloth to a geometry. As you can see in the image below, there is a bump in the middle of the cloth that shouldn't be...!

How can I remove that bump?

Thanks for helping.



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Posted (edited)

it's your attach constraint inside of Vellum Solver (turn on Vellum Solver/Visualize/Constraints/Attach To Geometry to see)

currently you are attaching all the points of the cloth, so just specify your point pintar group in it's Geometry Group parameter, also you don't need Target Group as Attach Constraint will attach the points to the closest surface by default

additionally to have your pintar group contain all desired points set your group2 mode to Union With Existing instead of replace 


EDIT: aso you've put your handle geo into the Vellum Solver Target Path, which can cause problems if you had some constraints matching animaton as the handle geo is not the same topology as the cloth geo, so whatever the intention was I'd keep that in mind

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