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Tornado_Houdini (HELP)

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I need help with creating a tornado in Houdini. I'm using houdini 16.5

I have all the necessary elements to create a tornado ( Particles, Density and velocity ). But I can't seems to make it look more detailed. Tried to adjust the velocity, turbulence, noise, swirling, it still look plain.

I have attached scene file in here.

Tornado_1 is the current tornado I have. Tornado ref is the kind of detail I'm trying to achieve.


Thank you! please help!





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I dont have the time to dip into your hip right now, but I will say this; you need the right velocities to create something like a tornado. Right now, it looks like you almost only have your source, you don't have smoke coming off the edges of the tornado all the way around. If you just emitted velocity outwards, you would get that, but then it would look nothing like a tornado, therefore you also need a force that pulls the smoke back in. So, if you have a twisting tube as your source, and it inherits velocity from the speed of that tube, it should shoot outwards. Then you can multiple that vector by a velocity field that pushes inwards, so that you get both the initial outwards push, and then the suck back in. When those forces are balanced correctly, you can get something that looks like your reference.  

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