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VDB From particle fluid question

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Hey everybody, 

Hope you're all doing fine.

I'm a Houdini rookie and got a question about the VDB from particles fluid node.

Here is the case:

I've got a particles emitter as a texture mapped on a distorted sphere. At the end of my POP node, when I plug a Particle Fluid Surface node, I get only the particles meshed and not the emitter. This is the result I want. 

But Particle fluid Surface result is poor. I would prefer using a VDB from particle fluid, but when I plug this node after my POP node, I get my emitter "meshed" in my VDB and not only my particles :(.


Can anyone help please, getting mad on that s*"t since a few days now.


Thank you very much <3 


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That could be any number of things... you may have more luck if you post a little .hip file demonstrating the problem.

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here you are....warning: I don't know what I'm doing...just fooling around.




EDIT: reckon you can plug the null straight into pointsfromvolume, bypassing the popnet....coz you can!!.

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