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Ocean Extended problem

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It’s been a while since I’ve been trying to figure out the mechanics behind the Shelf Ocean…

I followed the tutorials such as:


and this one:


However, I still can’t make it out that my waves continue into infinity… I find myself constantly with a flat ocean and no wave… The problem was absolutely into the ocean extended… but, it not working for me :(

I swear this is was a setting than i don’t have learn…


Thank so much


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Here is the result with a mantra rendering. There are also holes in the oceans and as I said earlier, the ocean is masking in the simulation zone and does not continue indefinitely



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Make sure that you have baked out the spectra inside the 'guidedoceanlayer_fluid_extended' node, this will be why the ocean is rendering flat. The oceansurface shader needs to read this data from the disk in order to apply the displacement. If you go into the oceansurface shader, under the displacement tab. You'll see a file path for both the spectrum geometry and the mask geometry. This should point to where they were saved out. If you use the shelf tool, I think it automatically creates a relative reference to the path set on the file cache nodes in the guidedoceanlayer_fluid_extended' node. There are two file cache nodes, one for the mask and one for the spectra. Both of these should be saved to disk in order for the shader to be able to read them in. Also for the holes, you have the flatten distance and pad bounds set too high in the particle fluid surface. If you bring them to a value of around 5 and then play around with it from there.


Hope this helps



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